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Monday, June 06, 2011

SPANGLISH use it or avoid it!

Many of us have heard the word Spaniglish in our lives. It sounds like another language, but it is just a mix between Spanish and English. Usually Latinos in the United States, whose primary language is Spanish and English as a second language, use basic words in English when speaking Spanish. For example, we say: "estoy busy"- I am busy. Sometimes we make English words sound like Spanish. For instance, "lonche" - lunch or "la Boila no funciona" - the boiler is not working; and a common one, "tienes una cuora?"- do you have a quarter? Even though Spanglish is acceptable in an informal context of the language, it is not proper to speak it and even worse if you are in the process of learning Spanish. I found on Wiki a very good description and samples of Spanglish. If you speak Spanish, you can use it with your friends, but if you are learning Spanish, just avoid it.

by Juan C Jurado

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