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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Podcast, an excellent tool to improve your Spanish!!!

That’s a great idea if you want to learn or improve your Spanish. The percentage of the Hispanic population is increasing every year, and there will always be Spanish language speakers in the United States. Here we present a very helpful tool to practice and improve your Spanish, Podcasts.

The idea people has about learning Spanish by teaching yourself using Spanish-English dictionaries and phrase books; by listening to Spanish-language lessons on audio cassette tapes, or CDs; or by installing Spanish language teaching software on your computer, is totally wrong. Those are just helping materials that well combine with a good tutor or language schools are going to be an important tool.

Using a podcast to learn Spanish is the most modern way to help you in your learning process. It’s also a fun way to learn Spanish because you download the podcast to your iPod or other mp3 players, and listen to the podcast as your way to your office, exercise, or just relax at home. Some podcast come with worksheets you can buy for a very low cost, but the download is totally free in most of the sites.

Here are the most popular Spanish Podcast Sites:
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by Juan C Jurado


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