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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Your TV !!! Great option to improve your Spanish.

It is true, watching a Spanish language soap opera or movie, can help improve your Spanish.

Perhaps you took Spanish lessons in high school or college, but you can’t handle a conversation now. Or, maybe you have limited grammar or vocabulary and you’re not sure if what you’re saying is correct. In addition to taking private lessons with an instructor, you have the right tool to help you improve your Spanish, your TV!!!!

Total immersion is the key to learning another language. How did you learn to speak your native language as a child? You listened and listened to the same words many times before speaking them. They were recorded in your memory and then the muscles of your tongue started working out in order to pronounce all those recorded words. Now it is time to recreate this environment to learn or improve your Spanish.

Soap operas are an excellent tool for intermediate or advanced students. If you’re a beginner and want to try, yeah, go for it! Everything helps in the learning process. Podcasts with basic conversations and vocabulary is another suggestion. In New York we have the Latin channels Univision and Telemundo, where you can find a variety of programs and shows. If you are not fond of soap operas, no problem!!! Pick your favorite movie and use the SAP option on your TV or cable settings. I recommend this option because you can listen to a clear and standard translation in Spanish. Play around with the closed captioning, but never use subtitles in English; try the caption in Spanish as well.

Remember, everything helps in the learning process, so try it now, television, a fun and relaxing way to learn in the comfort of your home.

By Juan Carlos Jurado